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A new CD from The Men They Couldn't Hang's powerful songwriting partnership Paul Simmonds and Phil 'Swill' Odgers.Their first release as a duo since Baby Fishlips, (originally released under the pseudonym Preacher Jethro Brimstone and the Watermelon Kid) in 1999 and Folk At The Fortress, in 2002, this album brings together new versions and rare recordings of songs they have written for Liberty Cage, The Men They Couldn’t Hang and both of their solo projects. It also includes a new recording of Barratt’s Privateers with Paul Simmonds and Bobby Valentino joining Swill on vocals. G’damn!

The cover artist is Jacob Phillips son of Sean Phillips who did the artwork for The Men They Couldn't Hang 'The Domino Club' album back in 1990 and then went on to work with DC and Marvel creating artwork for Batman, Spider Man and Marvel Zombies to name but a few.


Paul Simmonds and Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers, songwriters from folk punk legends The Men They Couldn’t Hang, have been collaborating musically since the heady days of 1978 when their fledgling punk band Catch 22 supported The Clash twice during the infamous 16 Tons Tour.

Since those formative musical experiments, Phil and Paul have moved through many epochs; from founding roles in the Celtic folk punk explosion in early 80’s London, International rock infamy as TMTCH marauded through the gig circuits of the world in the late 80’s, stadium shows with Bowie, cultural trips to Egypt, and on into obscurity, penury and finally revival with a reformed TMTCH in early 2000.

This album is a hybrid; part retrospective, part tribute to key influences and part a kind of musical archaeology as it turns its way through all the various lesser known twists of their 35 year careers, taking in solo projects, duo projects, an unreleased musical and some right up to date unplugged performances.

Last April TMTCH concluded their 30th Anniversary year with another sold out show at Shepherds Bush Empire, just 50 yards from the squat where they had founded the band 31 years before. Phil Odgers continues to build his impressive solo career and will follow 2013’s acclaimed ‘Godforsaken Voyage’ with a new pledge funded album in 2016 after hitting over 100% of his target in 24 hours (www.pledgemusic.com/projects/swil).

Paul Simmonds was nominated in the Best Original Song category at the 2015 Radio 2 Folk awards and co-wrote the lauded ‘A History of Insolence’ album along with his partner the roots singer Naomi Bedford.

Despite the myriad of other projects, not to mention TMTCH, Phil and Paul have constantly returned to work on projects together for the very good reason that it works very well. This is a snapshot from their back pages…..


released August 21, 2015

Produced by Pat Collier, Phil Odgers, Paul Simmonds

Publishing Credits
Mrs Avery - Cherry Red Songs
Tyburn Tree - Copyright Control
Deportees - Ludlow Music/Woody Guthrie Publications
Factory - Alfred Publishing
Tightrope - Copyright Control
North Country Blues - special rider music
Stag Night - Copyright Control
Brixton Hill - Copyright Control
Slip Away Gently - Copyright Control
My Side Of The Bed - Copyright Control
Leaving In The Morning - Copyright Control
Barratts Privateers - Fogarty’s Cove Music

Distributed by Cargo Records www.cargorecords.co.uk

Cover Artwork and Design: Jacob Philips

Website: www.TMTCH.net


all rights reserved



Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers London, UK

Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers is one half of the legendary joint vocal strike force of UK folk rebel rockers The Men They Couldn’t Hang.

Audiences around the world from Cairo to Reykjavik, Brisbane to Vancouver and Berlin to London have submitted to his effervescent and heartfelt vocal style in stadium, theatre, hall and after hours lock in.
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Track Name: Mrs Avery
Mrs Avery calls, says ‘come get your boy
He’s lying in my garden like a broken toy
My girl left town she’s headed west
Mister you and me, we’ve got to clean up this mess’

I went straight over, got him in the car
Gave him black coffee, put him in the shower
Laid him in his bed like I used to do
Went back to Mrs Avery to talk it all through

Mrs Avery like stones we are thrown in the tide
Together and alone we’ll ride and roam
Til we get home

Hey Mrs Avery. I’m sorry to say
Looks like my boy got carried away
It aint been easy for us on our own
When there’s a part of the heart not fully grown

Hey Mrs Avery, I’m not sorry to say
Looks like my breath is getting taken away
It can’t be easy for you on your own
When there’s a part of the heart not fully grown
Track Name: Tyburn Tree
Tyburn Tree
I was walking through London just yesterday
Past the arches of marble down by Park Lane
Saw a crowd of good people all gathered around
And three helpless wretches they dragged on the ground

I spoke to a tall man in the midst of the crowd
And then I asked why the mob ran around
He told me – we got us three thieves on the deck
Gonna take to the lamppost and hang their poor necks

When the wind turns the blood churns
Under Tyburn’s tree

But what did they steal, I asked him again
To turn you to wolves on your fellow men
My house and my work, my savings, my wings
And all through the country they stole everything

But should we murder and put to the sword?
Bully and harass, condemn and contort?
To resemble these bastards would make us the same
They should live in the shade of our contempt and our blame

So let them walk past you with eyes looking down
These kings of sandcastles that washed to the ground
Let them find work in the poor part of town
On reckoning day they’re all Hades bound
Track Name: Tightrope

I’ve got the shivers, I’ve got the shakes
Wake up in the night
Feel like I’m drowning in a lake
I’m on a tightrope

Sharks on the left, snakes on the right
It’s cold, this tunnel I’m in
Got no chink of light, so dark
I’m on a tightrope

Just a little gust of wind
Is gonna blow me over
Just a little push, one little shove
Took me off the tightrope

You give me balance, you give me hope
You keep me walking
On this tightrope
Track Name: Stag Night
Stag Night

Into the Bugle at seven o clock
There at the bar is a forty strong shock
Swaggering scoundrels like rooks on a wire
Mouths hanging open for the drinker’s choir

Give me brandy and dry
Give me whisky or rye
Give me all courage best
Unholy water be blessed

Had gin in the Crown, rum in the Lion
Beer in the Bell, something to get high on
If I get sick it leaves more room
Out of the way boys, here comes the groom

If I’m late for the wedding they’ve planned for a lynching
Might as well join the French foreign legion
Better not stop, I better not falter
Best I can hope is drunk at the altar

Careless or mad, maybe in love
All of these things but I’m happy enough
Married tomorrow, that’s what they say
If I survive to the end of this day
Track Name: Brixton Hill
Brixton Hill

It doesn’t get any better than this
Brixton Hill looking for a kiss
With every step my smile grows wide
Knowing that soon I’ll be inside

Walking up Brixton Hill, catching myself a thrill

Blood is dancing in my veins
Like a horse I need the reins
Hunger, hunger, deep and strange
Infects me now that I’m in range

My baby lives on Brixton Hill
I’m heading for her room
My lady lives on Brixton Hill
I’m gonna be there soon

Now I’m there and she’s so fine
Like some grape that’s on the vine
Sweet it feels to be within
Your room, your arms, your lips, your swing
Track Name: Slip Away Gently
I’ll slip away gently
So you won’t resent me
I won’t turn on the light
Gone before morn
And the first rays of dawn Like a thief in the night

Oh love my life
Never knew you would be someone else’s

I took you for granted
I was enchanted
I was lost in your charms
That’s no excuse
What’s the use
When you’re in someone else’s arms

Oh love my life
Never knew you would be someone else’s

I’ll try to forget
We ever met
That’s the best I can do
But if he ever hurts
Or deserts
I’ll be waiting for you

Oh love my life
Never knew you would be someone else’s
Track Name: My Side Of The Bed
My Side of the Bed

I know every grain of cotton on the sheets beneath my head
I know every plain and prairie of the mattress on this bed
I know every little story the pillow here can tell
I know my side of the bed very well

There’s a silent wall between us when you turn out the light
So I watch the shadows flicker by the street lamp here at night
If I accidentally touch you, your body turns away
So I watch stars grow dimmer, hear things I can’t say

I wish that you’d come over to my side of the bed
I wish that you’d put down that book and hold me instead
Over on my side of the bed

Oh love hold on, oh love be strong
Keep the embers burning
Even low

There’s a tiny little leaving that wasn’t there before
There’s a little cigarette burn below me on the floor
And unless you’ve started smoking or dyed your brown hair red
Someone else is sleeping on my side of the bed
Track Name: Leaving in the Morning
Leaving in the Morning

If you’re leaving in the morning for adventures far and wide
The place that you were born in will be on your side
You can wander the world, you can live and learn
But you’ll return

If you’re searching for the reasons, for the freedoms, for the peace
If you’re climbing rocky mountains where all the clamour will cease
Take a blessing from the ones who will always care
And be there

Fare thee well, fare thee well, sail across the sea
Fare thee well, fare thee well, be safe in grace, be free

As the seas flow and the winds blow and the years go to the face
All the searchers and the exiles will find their resting place
Let it be where the love is always strong
Where they come from

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