Swill's Sunday Session - Limited Edition Tea Towel

from Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers

High Quality Limited Edition Tea Towel to go with the Lockdown Sessions broadcast on Facebook every Sunday at 7PM. These will be printed as soon as we get enough orders in - so they will be made especially in exactly the right quantity and when they're gone they're gone. Order now to be sure of getting one!

Buy both the Tshirt and Tea Towel together and get a free large format limited edition signed postcard

ships out within 14 days

  £10 GBP or more 


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Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers London, UK

Phil ‘Swill’ Odgers is one half of the legendary joint vocal strike force of UK folk rebel rockers The Men They Couldn’t Hang.

Audiences around the world from Cairo to Reykjavik, Brisbane to Vancouver and Berlin to London have submitted to his effervescent and heartfelt vocal style in stadium, theatre, hall and after hours lock in.
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  • Sep 03

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